ASICSTIGER just turned Sonar 2018 into a small slice of Tokyo.

As of the official sponsor of Sonar 2018, ASICSTIGER – the ASICS sportstyle line – wanted to stamp its own vibe on the Spanish festival and it didn't disappoint, teleporting guests to 90s Japan in a pop-up space that was inspired by Japanese gaming culture.

The ASICSTIGER brandspace took all of its visitors to a retro gaming universe, where, as in their sneakers, the GEL technology was the protagonist of everything before them. The experiential space included a puzzle videogame where pieces with a gelatinous design were falling and fitting together while, for the most animated, there was an authentic dance machine by ASICSTIGER, which attracted hundreds of people to dance and enjoy while their GEL avatar imitated their movements.

Akihabara, the electronic neighborhood and the arcade mecca in Tokyo, was also felt in the space. ASICSTIGER installed two retro-style arcade machines as well as a version of the famous "hook" machine where players could win original brand gadgets.

But perhaps the biggest highlight was the addition of an iconic Japanese photo booth brought directly from Shibuya, the famous fashion neighborhood of the city. The sophisticated photo booth was Instagram brought to life, with photos out of the ordinary and allowed everyone to edit them to their liking and style, messing with filters or making funny touches to the purest Japanese style. It was "cute style" taken to the limit.

Amongst those to pass through the space and celebrate the innovation were some of art and culture's most influential names including Gerard Estadella, Laura Vandall, About Cess, Iamowl, Nuria Val and Alvaro Mel – all of whom wore the reinterpretation of the GELSAGA OG.

This was a festival experience unlike anything else.

The ASICSTIGER GELSAGA OG is available from