Lil West has rapidly been proving himself to be one of the most interesting and exciting rappers working today, through a joyfully adventurous flair for the experimental and a genuine love of doing something new. Through a lot of his music, especially his collaborations with Distance Decay, he displays a tenderness and emotional range that makes him one of the most exciting emo artists, too, even if he's further removed than a lot of the rest of this list. "I was in middle-school listening to Saosin, HIM, Underoath, and AFI," he tells me.

I feel the emo music definitely helped me open up to show my feelings [more].

From an early age, the Delaware artist has always appreciated emotional music, despite it being something he mostly discovered through his own volition. "I used to wake up early for school and watch MTV and VH1 until the bus came so that's kinda how I started getting into it. I honestly don't know why I was into that stuff because nobody in my family liked that type of music, but you can definitely hear it in my music now. The way I sing, the topics I touch on, I bring pain and so much emotion in my music. I feel the emo music definitely helped me open up to show my feelings [more]."

"Like I said, this is the new emo," he reiterates. "This generation is full of kids that grew up on this type [of] shit and are finding new ways to not just rap and sing over trap beats, but are smart enough to blend what they grew up on with trendy trap shit in today's rap. I feel like rock, punk, [and] metal is just as big as hip-hop, trap, and boom bap. I mean, this is nothing new the hip-hop industry has been incorporating rock since Aerosmith and Run DMC's 'Walk This Way,' and maybe even earlier on."