Upbringing has a lot to do with what artists go on to create, often informing their creativity from an early age. Juice WRLD has always been a fan of rap music thanks to his cousins, who introduced him to a lot of hip-hop, but he’s also been an avid fan of emo, too. As he explained in his No Jumper interview, he was inspired to get into emo after a girl he had a crush on was a huge fan herself. In fifth grade, he discovered the music, and at the age of 19, he’s still showcasing his affinity for it proudly in his music.

Tackling his struggles with drugs and love, his output is confessional like emo, and hedonistic like trap. It’s dark, but it’s not without its share of highs. Channeling Taking Back Sunday just as much as he does Kanye’s seminal 808s and Heartbreak, Juice WRLD is on his way to becoming a superstar, and he’s doing it without compromising.