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21 Savage found himself in the midst of a heated brawl with a loaded gun in hand at a pool party near Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday.

During the Atlanta area's annual "Big Ass Pool Party," a large group of party-crashers arrived at the gathering through the back of the space, reports TMZ. Witnesses told TMZ that 21 Savage appeared unsettled by the sudden appearance of said party crashers. Apparently, one of the trespassers said a simple hello to a girl "in Savage's circle," which upset a number of his people. 

At this point, TMZ was told, someone from the group of crashers took out a gun during a confrontation that appeared to blow up rather rapidly. TMZ was told that 21 Savage received a revolver from a friend. He is seen holding a gun in a video of the incident. There were reportedly no shots fired during the altercation, but someone from the group of pool party crashers was hit and landed on the ground. 

The cops prevented the incident from escalating any further and shut it down. There have been no arrests reported so far.

Outside of going to big-ass pool parties, the Atlanta rapper has been busy working on a track for the upcoming soundtrack to Director X's Superfly, making a video with Casino for "Deals," and providing some ad-libs on Childish Gambino's "This Is America."

Check out a video of the altercation obtained by TMZ below.