YouTube has unveiled launch plans for its newly revamped music streaming service, the aptly named YouTube Music.

In a blog post Wednesday night, YouTube Music Product Manager Elias Roman announced that the service will be available starting May 22. The streaming competitor is described as being designed "for music with the magic of YouTube" and will feature songs, albums, artist radio, playlists, music videos, and more in a revamped mobile app and fresh desktop player. "The days of jumping back and forth between multiple music apps and YouTube are over," Roman said.

In an effort to help users discover new artists, the home screen of YouTube Music will be individually personalized based on listening habits, location, and current activity. Additionally, YouTube Music will offer "thousands" of themed playlists. A version of YouTube Music with ads will set you back $0.00, while the premium (i.e. no ads) version will run $9.99 per month. Google Play Music subscribers, meanwhile, will get a YouTube Music Premium membership added to their monthly privileges. The service launches in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico this coming Tuesday. Additional countries will receive access shortly.

Roman, in the same post, also announced details for YouTube Premium. Basically YouTube Red under a new name, the ad-free experience (with background play capabilities) costs $11.99 per month and will also include a YouTube Music subscription.