Ahead of its global premiere at Cannes, Miramax and Roadside Attractions have released the trailer for Marley director Kevin Macdonald's hugely anticipated Whitney Houston documentary.

Whitney is described as an "unflinching portrait" of the late singer and her family that will shed "new light" on her life. Macdonald, who also made music doc waves with the underrated 2000 Mick Jagger doc Being Mick, had access to previously unreleased archival footage, exclusive demos, and rare live performances during the production. He boarded the project a full two years ago.

With Whitney, the Oscar-winning documentarian and narrative filmmaker was again able to secure final cut privileges. "I've made two others since [Being Mick], one about Bob Marley and this," he told the Hollywood Reporter last week. "I wouldn't have entered into either of them unless I had final cut. But we've actually had a very unacrimonious and pleasant collaboration, and they've been supportive of the film, even though there are quite a few sensitive issues brought up."

Macdonald is joined on Whitney by producers Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn, and Lisa Erspamer. The film hits theaters July 6.