Everyone’s favorite emo R&B boy Sam Smith is back with an extravagant new video for his song “Pray” featuring Logic. These new visuals add even more emotional weight to an already soulful remix of Smith’s original track from his sophomore album The Thrill of It All.

In the video, Logic and Smith wander around a hauntingly empty house that, though beautiful, matches the darker themes pervasive in the song. “Will the Devil take me, or will God protect me?” Logic raps as the video begins.

Smith originally announced the remix back in March. "I am so excited for you to hear this new version of one of my favorite tracks on the album," the singer tweeted.

Logic seemed equally jazzed about the collaboration. “This is the most important feature I've ever done,” he wrote at the time.

The Thrill of It All debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 after it dropped last November. Watch the music video for "Pray" above.