2 Chainz performed “Proud” (feat. YG, Offset) off his 2018 The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It EP on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. While the performance was sorely lacking Offset’s presence, and the official music video for the track is definitely worth a watch (it features all three rappers’ moms dancing and lip-syncing those bars), this is a Kimmel performance that stood out from the pack.

Not only did 2 Chainz make a pretty hype yet endearing song dedicated his mom, with a trap beat that staunchly differentiates this from other mom-centric classics like Dear Mama, but he brought the music video concept to the stage. Both YG and Chainz’s moms are lounging on cushy white chairs while their sons rap their asses off to give them the props they deserve. That’s pretty goddamn dope.

There isn’t much conceptual artistry you can achieve on a talk show stage, but this live performance sort of equals the enthusiasm you get while watching the official video. Seeing two of the nicest contemporary MCs perform a song dedicated to their mothers, dancing with them on stage, and seeing their parents proudly rapping along—that’s priceless. So priceless, in fact, that the song ends and confetti shoots out to a genuinely entranced, cheering, applauding crowd.