Trippie Redd and Lil Wop were arrested in Atlanta for allegedly fighting with a local rapper who goes by FDM Grady, TMZ reported.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, when Trippie disrespected Grady’s girlfriend. Grady claims that he pulled a gun on Trippie, but he ended up putting it away to fight him with his fists, when four people—two of whom were rappers—jumped him.

“The situation between me, Wop, and Trippie was them n*ggas came to the crib, Trippie was being disrespectful to my lady, and I wasn’t going for that shit,” Grady said in a video shared by TMZ. “So I stood my ground as a man, shit, I’m gonna stand by my lady.”

He continued, “Wop know I fuck with him, man, hard, long way. Shit, Trippie was running off at the mouth.” He then described how the fight happened.

According to TMZ, Trippie and Wop are facing two misdemeanor charges for fighting and criminal trespass, while Redd was also charged with simple battery.

This incident took place just days after Trippie threatened to “beat the fuck out of” 6ix9ine, and then took to Instagram to issue a lengthy statement, claiming he has decided to distance himself from all the drama.

“Sorry for being so involved in so much negativity. I’m putting all that aside from here. I’m done with involving my art and intelligence with others I shouldn’t even be giving people the light of day,” he wrote, adding, “I just know I’m here to set an example for you guys and other artist and ima just be the bigger man and step up and say fuck this negative bull shit I’m letting my music speak for its self.”