As some of you may be aware of, Beyoncé is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.

Everything from her wardrobe, to her music, to her legendary Coachella sets captures the attention of the music world and her loyal Beyhive alike. While her younger sister Solange has experienced her own fame that reached its apex with the release of her critically-acclaimed 2016 album A Seat at the Table, older sister Bey has always been the bigger star—even when they were children. Recently, mother Tina Knowles sat down with Maria Shriver to discuss her family and said she put her daughters in counseling growing up to help Solange cope with being overshadowed by Beyoncé and her fame. 

The mother of the two successful musicians even said she would have a "Solange Day" every week. She would take off from her job on Wednesdays and dedicate the whole day's activities to the younger sibling. Along with special days, the pair also attended counseling sessions to help ease the tension that would sometimes arise between them.

"I was very sensitive to that because I always felt like my mom loved my brother more," Knowles told Shriver. "It was tough because [Beyoncé] was five years older and a little superstar in our city. So, I took them to counseling very early so that Beyoncé could be more sensitive to Solange."

Of course, things between the sisters are better than ever now. Recently at Coachella, the two shared the stage to dance and sing to the hit "Get Me Bodied" and who could forget the infamous elevator incident involving Jay Z from a few years ago? Maybe the early counseling is at least semi-responsible for the loving relationship the two share today.

Knowles continued, "I wanted Beyoncé to be more sensitive to the fact that Solange had to deal with being a little bit in her shadow. It made [Beyoncé] way more sensitive and protective and they are still fiercely protective of each other."