If you're into blindly believing everything that's tweeted, you may have recently been convinced that the Weeknd was planning to drop a new EP this week titled We're Alone Together. Sorry to bust up the stoked melancholia, but that rumor is exactly that: a rumor.

As rumor would have it, the new EP was set to drop this Friday, a little over a month after his most recent release My Dear Melancholy. Understandably, the thought of receiving some new Weeknd so soon had us stoked too. However, a source close to the situation confirmed to Complex that a new EP is not being released this week.

Still, that doesn't completely eradicate the chance of a new material coming later this year. After all, the Weeknd's current Instagram profile pic is the same altered photo used in the We're Alone Together tweets that are gaining traction among hungry fans. Also, as full-time fans/part-time detectives have already noted, the original image from the cover floating around looks to be a Nabil shot:

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, join me in my daily cry to My Dear Melancholy highlight "I Was Never There."