The Blancos have released the official music video for “Know My Name”—their first proper single since signing to LAVA Records in 2017.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Brooklyn-based duo, this track is a solid introduction to what they’re all about. The single finds members Cory Hueston and Jayson Robbins highlighting overcoming life’s obstacles, accepting who you are, and giving zero fucks about what anybody thinks.

“The song is all about self-belief. Speaking things into existence, despite the odds being against you,” the duo told Complex.

The video for “Know My Name,” co-directed by The Blancos and Nick Terrana, goes well with the cocky alternative rock track. Though the concept is relatively simple, the sordid motel and garage scenes—paired with muscle cars and scantily clad women—is right in light with the hedonistic lifestyle the duo embraces.

Check out the video for "Know My Name" above and grab the song on iTunes.