Tammy Rivera broke down her commitment to marriage in a new interview with the Breakfast Club Monday. Rivera, whose new EP Fate dropped last month, also lamented the fact that she receives more negativity for working things out with Waka Flocka than she would if she had just walked away.

"I get more backlash for working it out with my husband than I did for leaving him, and it's crazy," Rivera said around the 5:40 mark in the video above. Rivera added that she and her husband are both imperfect, and his actions weren't justified, but the hardest part is often just explaining their connection to other people.

"I don't really talk about it because people won't understand it on the level that I speak on it," she said. "It was a spiritual battle with my husband, like, I was sent to him. I know that I was sent for a mission and for a reason." When they first met, Rivera added, Waka Flocka told her "you're gonna be my wife." That apparent premonition took her years to fully understand.

"I felt like my marriage was worth fighting for," she said. "I know the potential of what he had to be." Elsewhere, Rivera talked infidelity, pettiness, and more. Catch the full interview up top.

Thus far, Rivera's Waka Flocka comments have drawn a varied reaction online. Not that you care, but here are some examples: