Snoop Dogg, fresh off the chart success of his first-ever gospel album, dropped in on the Breakfast Club proceedings Friday morning. In addition to discussing his status as an elder statesman of hip-hop, Snoop also got candid as hell about Kanye West's recent reckless embrace of Trumpian nonsense.


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"I hate to be black and white, [but] there's no black women in his life," Snoop, when asked about West's at-home support, said around 14 minutes into the interview. "Let's just keep that 100. That's real, man. I got aunties that'll pull up with them big ol' church hats on [like] 'N***a, what's happening? What you on, nephew? You bullshitting. We taught you way better than that.' It got to a point where it was, like, it was funny then it got sad."


Noting how "instrumental" West's late mother Donda was in his life, Snoop urged the women in West's life to "look into getting some help" for him. "Remember the music that he was making when she was here and the spirit that he had?" Snoop said. "That's gone now, and if you never lost your mother, you don't understand that feeling."


Snoop—who also gave his thoughts on Lamar Odom, Rob Kardashian, and Travis Scott—then detailed his requirements for a face-to-face meeting with West. "How can I reach him?" he said. "I don't wanna be in that house with that cup of tea . . . When I meet with the n***a, it's in the hood, n***a. Pull up."

Catch the full interview, which thankfully includes a Snoop story about rolling up presumably good great weed using Holy Bible pages, up top.