It’s becoming clearer each day that Canada’s got the juice. And thankfully, it’s not just the Toronto sound that everyone is focused on. Thanks to an arsenal of tracks from coast to coast, the entire world is paying attention to us. In Quebec, rappers like Zach Zoya are turning heads, while artists like So Loki steadily deliver heat in the west.

Canada’s buzzing scene continues to birth undeniable talent, turning the cultural spotlight north of the border. Naturally, streaming giants are paying attention and Spotify’s ‘Northern Bars’ playlist is working hard to become the digital stage for some of today’s and tomorrow’s hottest Canadian artists including 88Glam, Layla Hendryx, Jazz Cartier, and Killy.

At this point, we shouldn't have to tell you that Spotify’s popular ‘RapCaviar’ playlist has shaped hip-hop’s current sound and helped propel street anthems into certified Billboard success stories. And since we pretty much run music right now, it only makes sense that ‘Northern Bars’ is on-trend to do the same thing. The curated list is chock-full of certified Canadian bops from Belly, Sean Leon, and Naya Ali, and if those names don’t ring a bell, it’s damn well time to get familiar with them. Here are 15 Canadian artists to watch courtesy of Spotify’s Northern Bars’ playlist.