Fast-rising Nigerian musician Mystro is back and ready to go with a feature from Afrobeats leading light Wizkid with a song entitled "Immediately". Holding his own with one of the most celebrated artists of his generation, Mystro shows why he is heralded as one of the ones to watch in the scene, while Wizkid doesn't disappoint either. Coming just in time for summer, it's refreshing as a summer breeze to see established artists using their platforms to promote up-and-coming talent, and this one is definitely a banger.

Speaking about the track, Mystro told Complex: "Working with Wizkid is every African artist's dream and to have gotten the call out of the blue is a dream I will never wake up from. Joining him in the studio and working for hours on a record together made me see a genius up close and personal and 'Immediately' is a result of that magical studio session."

On his contribution to the song, Wizkid said: "I heard the beat and after a minute, I asked who the producer was and told them I'd like to work with him. I'm in a space where promoting the incredible talents in Africa is top priority, hence why I'm working with more young talented providers and singers like Mystro, who I think is about to take the world by storm and 'Immediately' is just the start."

Listen exclusively below.