CNN has released poll results for a study focused on Kanye West’s favorability—results which point toward white Americans viewing him a bit more favorably than non-white Americans do.

According to the poll, 24 percent of self-identified white Americans said they had a favorable opinion of Kanye, while 20 of those identifying as non-white could say the same. Overall, Kanye’s favorability rating is negative—with 53 percent comprising the unfavorable margin, and a mere 23 percent in the favorable section. 

It seems like his recent statements have altered his reception by people. If these results are accurate, and convey sentiments on a broad scale, Kanye could be in trouble. Of course, any tweet or publicity stunt could flip those dials back in his favor—depending on how genuine, or exciting the moment would be. 

As for the poll, it was conducted through the phone by an independent research company called SSRS—a survey and market research firm—for three days in early May. 1,015 people were polled, with 29 percent describing themselves as Democrats, 24 percent as Republicans, and 47 percent as independents. The poll contained questions such as, “How much have you heard about recent comments Kanye West has made about politics and slavery,” and “do you think West made these comments more because he (really believes what he is saying) or more because he (is seeking publicity)?”

Ultimately, adoration or dislike of public figures is a fickle matter. These things can flip on a dime. Just as quick as ‘Ye’s tweets turned him into a lost, alienated self-hating artist for some, so could he turn it all around with a perfect interview or publicity strategy. On the other hand, it’s unlikely that will happen anytime soon—then again, who knows? If these indications are anywhere near the goal post, though, Kanye has won over a few more people, and alienated others.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this mess of a year shakes out.