Nicki Minaj's new album, Queen, is set to arrive on August 10 and she took a moment this weekend to share some relationship advice with all her fans queens.

Encouraging everyone to know their worth, Minaj explains that she's been proposed to multiple times and had several boyfriends ask her to have their child, and she's learned that "fak[ing] a smile on the gram and show[ing] off a ring is not happiness."

She adds, "You were a queen before him. You'll be a queen after him."

Minaj criticizes the Instagram era for encouraging women to allow famous men to treat them poorly.

Offering a personal example, Minaj says her "new boy" asked if she could have his baby in a year and a half and said he would do "anything it takes"—even if that means a proposal.

It's unclear who exactly that "new boy" is, but it likely isn't Eminem. After she hinted that the two rappers were dating, a source close to Minaj told TMZ that she was joking about the whole thing. So, "new boy" remains a mystery.

As for her upcoming album, the Twitter spree might be a hint at relationship-focused lyrics in the music itself, as Minaj was sure to hashtag #Queen in the majority of the tweets. She also teased fans with news that an "epic artist" just sent her a hook for the album. We can't wait.