Miguel, who's currently working on a Spanish version of his 2017 album War & Leisure, stopped by the Breakfast Club headquarters Thursday.


We got #miguel in the building !!

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During the 37-minute interview, Miguel took the opportunity to praise recent work by Childish Gambino and others. When Angela Yee noted the timeliness of some of War & Leisure's subject matter, Miguel credited the themes to his attempts at being more mindful.

"It's hard not to acknowledge everything that's just right in front of us all the time," he said around the 1:32 mark. "Plus, now that we do have social media, we're getting to see things as they happen more and more and also it's not being let go. It's not being swept under the rug as much as it could have been in the past with controlled media, so we get to see a lot of things in repetition and things kind of get pushed to the forefront and it's hard to ignore it. I think that's why we get things like the video from Childish Gambino—that video is incredible—and Kendrick and we get verses like Cole's on 'Come Through and Chill.' We're still hearing, in the middle of a song like 'Come Through and Chill,' we're still being brought back to current events."

Later, when "Come Through and Chill" found its way back into the conversation, Miguel discussed his engagement and how his lifestyle has changed over the past few years. "I've definitely rolled the dice in the past," he said. "Being able to just focus on the fact that I have a real teammate, someone that's been by my side that I'mma ride for and that really, really loves me for me, and I love her for her, it completely frees your mind up and time up for things that really matter."

Catch the full Miguel x Breakfast Club interview above.