No matter what your opinions of Bhad Bhabie, it's hard to deny the quality of her videos. Beginning with the surreal Good Boy Shady-directed visual for "These Heaux" back in August 2017, she's put out consistently interesting and unique videos with a variety of directors.

That continues today with a retro video for her Lil Yachty collaboration "Gucci Flip Flops" that drops Danielle Bregoli into a retro universe that seems to borrow from throwback TV shows and films like Leave It to Beaver and Pleasantville. After Yachty and Bregoli corrupt an innocent family through a television set, David Spade randomly shows up and serves as Bregoli's verbal punching bag. Don't pretend like you're not entertained.

Sitting down as a guest on Open Late with Peter Rosenberg last week, Lil Yachty shared his thoughts about Bregoli. "It's amazing to come from just being some regular person not too long ago and taking a bad situation and flipping it into that," he says. Explaining why he roots for her so much, he notes, "It's like me. Nobody ever liked me, except for my fan base. People hated on me. And she's a good person. She's just a kid. She just wants money and she figured out how to make it."

Watch the video for "Gucci Flip Flops" above and continue for the rest of Yachty's interview on Open Late with Peter Rosenberg.