On Monday, Lil Yachty sent out a message to a very select group of his 4.2 million followers by asking which EDM DJ would be willing to make a big song to perform at some big but unnamed music/dance festival:

Simple enough request. About an hour later, deadmau5 gave him a response that you could probably classify as passive-aggressive:

That was, in turn, met with its own terse response, where Yachty stated that it wasn't directed at him:

Later on, he also responded to deadmau5 asking him to play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds by telling him to suck his dick. Here's that whole sequence summed up in three tweets:

It should probably be noted that a Diplo parody account got in a burn too, with a response that deadmau5's initial tweet pretty much set him up for:

Also, for what it's worth, Yachty actually did get some seemingly serious volunteers:

Sometimes Twitter can be all right.