Aside from some recent features with Travis Scott and Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert has been pretty quiet since the release of his debut studio album Luv is Rage 2. But after a recent appearance in Young Thug's Instagram live broadcast, he's strongly hinted that fans can look forward to some new music from the pair soon.

Fans of the two rappers with a flair for the eccentric will be hyped to discover that the pair have a lot more than one unreleased song floating around just waiting to be dropped. 

Uzi was stopped in Los Angeles recently by Hollywood Fix, and was asked about the song he teased on Thugger's IG live. Uzi's response didn't prove entirely hopeful, admitting that the song didn't even have a name yet, but he did casually announce that there's supposedly a lot more collaborations between the two that have yet to see the light of day.

"You know me and Young Thug, we have like 1,500 songs together," Uzi said. "I'll make it come out probably soon. Sometime this year."

While 1,500 songs may be an exaggeration on Uzi's part, it's likely that the pair do have a hefty stash of songs racked up. Uzi has said himself that he's always had a clear vision for his work, and Young Thug has proved to be a mastermind in his own right when it comes to delivering a steady stream of releases. 

Who knows, they may even decide to pluck a few stand-outs from that pile of 1,500 tracks to put together a collab album—but for now, that's just wishful thinking.