It’s been a big week for Lil Uzi Vert teasers.

Shortly after Juice WRLD previewed the Lil Uzi-assisted remix for “Lucid Dreams,” Virginia artist Lil Tracy gave fans a taste of his “Like a Farmer” remix featuring the “XO Tour Llif3” rapper.

Tracy shared the snippet via Instagram Live on Wednesday night, as pointed out by Ill Roots. The original version of “Like a Farmer,” which arrived last week, is a countrified hip-hop record about, well, the farm life. We have to admit: The beat is solid, and the lyrics are amusing, but Lil Uzi's guest appearance takes the track to a much cheekier level. 

The Philly artist raps:

[...] But don't got same boobs
Yes, I got a tractor, you don't like to fly
Took her on a trip to Texas, treat it like Dubai
I'm in Colorado Springs like I'm in Bora Bora
We get Tyson money, sell the chicken by the quarter

You can hear a clip of the track above.