17-year-old rapper Lil Pump wants you to know that he’s quitting lean once and for all. Well, not quite. In a video posted to DJ Akademiks' Twitter, the Florida native best know for his song “Gucci Gang” teased fans about his use of the purple substance.

“Listen up everybody, I’m gonna quit all that lean shit man,” he says to the camera before throwing a bottle of what appears to be codeine in a large body of water. He then promptly changes his mind and jumps into the water to reclaim his drug. I’m not sure what you were doing at 17, but Lil Pump is clearly living larger than I was at his age, in a beach side unit with plenty of time to spare.

It's not the first time the rapper has pulled a similar stunt

As of late, the teen has run into trouble a number of times. In March, he was sued following a hit and run, after his manager and friends left the scene of an accident where the other driver was severely injured. In February, Pump was arrested for discharging a firearm in his home and claimed three men were "jimmying" the front door before the shot was fired. After officers reportedly seized some of the rapper’s marijuana and a .38 Glock, they were convinced the teen had lied about the attempted burglary. Pump was then taken to juvenile hall and eventually released on house arrest.

When he’s not stirring up trouble, the young artist is releasing music. Last month, he dropped the song “ESSKEETIT,” which is something Pump apparently says often, and this month he shared “Drug Addict.”


Lil Pump sends a “thank you” to J Cole for all the clout tokens he got for 1985

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He also stays busy by trolling J. Cole.