Peter Rosenberg hit us with a new episode of the Complex original series Open Late Thursday night. This time, Rosenberg was joined by Denzel Curry, Zaytoven, HoodCelebrityy, Belly, and Kyle. Deep into the episode, Rosenberg whipped out a copy of Big Sean's 2015 album Dark Sky Paradise and asked Kyle to comment.

"Wow, lit," Kyle said. "Big Sean, you know, I get in arguments with people sometimes over how much I fuck with Big Sean . . . Big Sean is one of the dopest rappers, of my lifetime for sure. Like, Big Sean is one of the best rappers. Period. Big Sean could get on a verse with anybody and probably annihilate them."

Kyle specifically praised Sean for his delivery and his ability to mix a charismatic sense of fun with technical skills, adding that he feels the rejection he faced early in his career is similar to Sean's. Catch the full Open Late up top.

Last Friday, Kyle dropped off his new album Light of Mine. Asked by Complex in a separate interview about his decision to go deeper on this project, Kyle said he felt there was a layer of his artistry that needed explaining in these new songs. "That's what my mindset was going into this," he said. "I need to get as deep as I can into my own heart to really make people connect and react to the music as passionate as possible . . . This album was kind of about right now and what I'm currently dealing with."