Kanye West and the paparazzi have a complicated history. Though the divisive artist has shown compassion for these photographers in the past, he’s also repeatedly criticized their roles and has gone as far as to physically attack one of them. But now it seems the “free-thinking” 'Ye has shelved his aggression toward the paparazzi in the interest of peace and love. For example, there's his recent conversation with a cameraman following his Tuesday TMZ Live appearance.

The footage shows 'Ye on the phone, presumably speaking to his wife, Kim Kardashian. As he and his good friend Tracey Mills approached, the cameraman asked Kanye about the threats he’s received in wake of his public support for Donald Trump. The rapper ended the phone call and began conversing with the man behind the lens.

“Um, we love everybody. It’s all love, really,” he said, before asking the man questions about his personal and professional life. 

The cameraman, who introduced himself as Ari, found himself answering the questions rather than asking them. He spoke about the stigmas that come with his profession and how he tries to brush off the hate and resentment the paparazzi receives.

“I feel you. When I first came out to L.A., I didn’t have a family. So having a family gave me a whole new respect for dads, bro, because you’re out here feeding your family,” Kanye told Ari. “You know, you actually have a very important role. And I feel like your role is not respected, and I feel like everybody’s role in society is important.”

Ari responded, “Exactly. I sometimes get to see you a lot more than other people do, and they judge you by certain things that you say. But I don’t feel that they respect enough the fact that you have your own opinion, and everybody else does, too.”

'Ye then asked Ari to post the full interaction online, right before he ended their talk with a hug.

You can check out the full video above.