Sorry Jim Jones.

Capo stopped by Hot 97 to talk about his phone company, VL Mobile, which launched today and his album, Wasted Talent. But the conversation naturally veered toward Kanye West, who's taken over the media cycle this week with comments on slavery being a choice and his love for Donald Trump.

"He needs everything he possibly can have on the media," said Jones around the 17:45 mark. "This n***a's a media whore and we're sitting here talking about him on my interview. That's how good he is."

Jones continued to say he wished the media would put up a united front and collectively decide to stop covering Ye. "He would be stressed," he said. (But this article already proves that it's likely not going to happen.)

Earlier in the interview, Jones talked about another alleged attention seeker: 50 Cent. The two have been beefing over the 'Gram lately but Jones says it's all in good fun.

"50 likes me, he's obsessed with me. I don't go that route though. I try to tell him that. Ya dig? He's not my type," he says around the 10:25 mark. "50 is 50 man I don't — 50 don't worry about me, man. like I tell him he can box me anytime he feel aggressive. I'm with the shits."

But it likely won't come to blows though. "We just always have an aggressive comedic competition for years," he said. "Not too many people really get his humor or really ready for his bullshit."

Jones also said that their mutual respect is at a "high level."

Check out the entire interview above.