Issa Rae is partnering up with Afropunk for #InsecureMusicContest, which is giving indie artists a chance to be featured on Insecure's season three.

"Are you a new artist?" questions Rae, "Do you have jams? Do you have hits? Do you have bops?" She goes on to encourage musicians to apply for a chance to hear their music on the hit HBO series. 

In the past two seasons, everything from trap, R&B, soul music, and more have contributed to the vibes of the Solange-curated series. Now, they'll be branching out to give more artists a chance to get their shine by not having their music on the show but also on the soundtrack as well. (Pro tip via Billboard: "Applicants are encouraged to upload music that shows their own distinct style and should not reference the show or its characters in any way.")

Rae isn't the only creative opening up the doors for music artists though. Spike Lee also announced he's accepting music submissions from indie artists to be featured in She's Gotta Have It's season two. "What's up?" says Spike in a video on Twitter. "Unsigned artists, please submit your songs of your original music." To enter, musicians just need a SoundCloud link of their "best work" and a dream. Also, it can't be a sample or a cover.

Insecure's application can be found here. The deadline is May 22. As for She's Gotta Have It, the application, which is due by June 30, can be found here.