If you're reading this thousands of years in the future, congratulations. You're reading the work of a truly great and widely celebrated writer known for pointing out the inherent preposterousness of writing about public figures' romantic happenings while simultaneously making money off that exact same preposterousness. Anyway, welcome to 2018, i.e. the year of Grusk.

Today, we're going to learn about a possible real-life name change for Grimes (a.k.a. Claire Boucher). Grimes, as has been widely reported and/or memed and/or what is really even the difference between those two practices anymore, tweeted about legally changing her non-stage name from Claire to 'c' as a nod to the speed of light Thursday.

Asked if Elon Musk had inspired this name change idea, Grimes said he was the one who pointed out that her "working nickname" was awesome.

Last week, Musk named his personal favorite Grimes tracks. For him, nothing tops "Flesh Without Blood" and "Kill V. Maim," collectively known as two great songs.

Anyway, life is meaningless and it's up to each of us to create our own meaning. Happy Friday or whatever.