While the sounds of juke and footwork are rooted in the Chicago dance music scene, the styles quickly found love overseas, particularly on imprints like France's Moveltraxx. Since 2011, the dance imprint has regularly featured new material from TEKLIFE's own DJ Earl, and today they play host to his latest release, the atmospheric footwork ditty "I Have All."

"We've been privileged witnesses to his musical evolution," Moveltraxx said when sending this banger over, calling Earl a "promising young footwork producer" who has become "one of the leaders of the scene." That's proved in "I Have All," which packs an emotional punch with its rumbling bass, scattering drums, and heavenly synths, laying the perfect bed for the soaring, chopped vocal. It's enough to bring you out of any funk you have going on, with the promise of more good times to come.

"He's always been the boldest artist in the genre," Moveltraxx added. "He is never afraid to take risks to push his constantly evolving sound to new horizons without losing its uniqueness." That goes for his solo work, his collaborative album with Nick Hook that Fool's Gold dropped in 2017, or the slew of new material Earl has on the horizon. Stream the track below, and if you're lucky, check him out as he's hitting the touring circuit, touching down everywhere from Spain to Philly. Keep your eyes peeled on this one.

June 08 : Warswaw, Poland (Jasna 1) 
June 09 : Gdasnk, Poland (Electrikow Street) 
June 16 : Barcelona, Spain (Sonar Festival) 
July 13 : Philadelphia, USA (One Sixty) 
July 20 : Madison, USA (University Of Wisconsin)

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