Desiigner has released the video for “Hood” from his recent seven-track L.O.D. EP.

In the new visual, we see the G.O.O.D. Music signee return to to his public housing project in Brooklyn. Kids gather around Desiigner—who’s outfitted in a white, fur-lined jacket and chains—as he greets and talks to them. The video then cuts to scenes of everyday moments, the good interspersed with the bad, as Desiigner sings, “I know ni**as gettin' bodied in they own hood / Ni**as lost they life in that childhood / And I don't wanna lose my life / And I don't wanna lose, and I don't wanna lose.”

The video is a reflection of Desiigner’s own childhood, as we see clips of black and brown kids—particularly boys—playing basketball, smoking weed, and having to deal with cops. Happy moments balance sadder ones, particularly at the end where we see boys running from flashing police lights, and a sanctuary built for a person who very likely was killed by the cops. But then for a brief moment, we're granted some respite, as we see Desiigner and a kid from the area playing basketball.

But before the video cuts, we're taken back to a sadder reality: an older woman from the neighborhood appears, and tells Desiigner, “God bless you.” Meanwhile, a cop car pulls up and a black man is arrested.

“Look at these motherfuckers,” she says. “Black people cannot walk the damn streets, and they want us to pay their salary. That guy [Desiigner] came back to show these kids you can come out these projects.”