While Kanye West seems to stay knee-deep in controversy lately, it looks like his work with other artists is still in good standing. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Christina Aguilera shared her experience working with West on two songs from her upcoming album Liberation.

"I know him as an artist. I do know that when we sat down and he played me these tracks, he got me," she said of "Maria" and "Accelerate," which features Ty Dolla Sign and 2 Chainz. Aguilera said she "loved" her first meeting with 'Ye and that the pair "totally clicked."

"I found him to be very endearing," she said, also making it clear that she wasn't "getting involved" with the Chicago rapper's recent comments on everything from his love of Donald Trump to his opinions on slavery, choosing to focus on their work together and West's artistry. "Look, he’s always said things that have stirred controversy and attention. I’m not getting involved in what he’s saying or anything like that," she explained. "I think he’s an artist first and foremost and we’re not always going to agree with artists."

In the interview, Aguilera also talked about her departure from The Voice, motherhood, and working alongside Demi Lovato for the single "Fall in Line," which the pair premiered at this year's Billboard Awards. "She has a past that she’s overcome and I relate to that a lot," she said of the fellow pop star. "I appreciate when women support each other. But I love the fact that I’m sharing this with Demi. We just fit together like an Oreo cookie."

In recent Kanye collaboration news, Pusha-T's DAYTONA just dropped and features front-to-back Yeezy production.