"This Is America" is, no doubt about it, the music video to beat in 2018. The video for the new Young Thug-assisted Childish Gambino track was helmed by frequent Atlanta director Hiro Murai and has inspired a wave of fascinating commentary on the seemingly endless layers of symbolism incorporated throughout its hyperviolent four-minute running time.

On the red carpet of this week's Met Gala, Gambino was asked by a member of the E! team and asked what he hopes the video accomplishes. 

"I just wanted to make, you know, a good song and something that people could play on Fourth of July," Glover, who hasn't given a full-length interview since dropping "This Is America," said.

Gambino, during this weekend's Donald Glover-hosted Saturday Night Live, performed "This Is America" and another new track "Saturday." Though no official announcement has been made, we can probably expect more new music in the months leading up to Gambino's This Is America Tour. The tour, featuring special guests Rae Sremmurd and Vince Staples on select dates, kicks off in September.

In the meantime, Glover's Atlanta will soon wrap its second season on FX. Following last week's Glover-directed (and Stephen Glover-penned) "FUBU," this week's episode—"Crabs in a Barrel"—will see Murai back in the director's chair. If you're not caught up, I do wonder about your dedication to excellence. At any rate, catch a preview of Thursday's new episode below.

Then, in just two short weeks, catch Glover surely stealing every possible scene in Ron Howard's Solo: A Star Wars Story as a young Lando Calrissian.


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