Whether you knew it or not, today is 5-9/5’9” day. It's May 9, which is Detroit rapper Chavis Chandler's birthday, so it's only fitting that he celebrates by dropping a new song with Royce da 5’9.”

Chandler has been making noise since first popping up back in 2014 and collaborating with fellow Detroit rapper Danny Brown, and now he's finally getting ready to release his debut album, One Winged Angel, due out in June. Sharing the album artwork on Instagram, he wrote, "I'm just starting to turn up. I hope y'all missed me 'cause we back."

“I met Royce back in 2012, I was growing my brand and my style and he invited me to the studio to sit in on his sessions” Chandler told Complex. “He got me back into boxing and that discipline helped me focus more on my music; and less on the streets. Royce changed my life. 'Hell & Back' is touching on some of the obstacles I’ve had to overcome as a young artist; but more importantly as a man. I know Royce can relate with that.”

After Chandler and Royce teamed up on "Everyday Struggle" and "First of the Month," the pair reunite on this laid-back track as Royce hands the keys off to Chandler: "Am I king of Detroit? The answer to that is of course, as I pass Chavis the torch."

"'Hell & Back' is just the beginning for us,” Royce said. "Chavis is someone who reminds me a lot of myself as a younger artist. He’s so raw and talented and progressing with every new song I hear. I can’t wait for the world to see in him what I see.”

Check out the Crowe & Dennis Mars-produced "Hell & Back" below.