Here’s a fun Thursday afternoon news bit: searches for Cardi B on the porn website Pornhub have surged since August of last year, when the rapper’s “Bodak Yellow” single was reaching the height of its popularity. While we can’t say for sure, she’s rapped about wanting a threesome with Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen, so it would be hard to imagine that she’s very torn up about the development.  

Cardi B searches on Pornhub!

— Pornhub ARIA (@Pornhub) May 3, 2018

The Pornhub Insights blog teamed up with Mashable to track daily searches for Cardi B starting in early 2016 to present day. The results are staggering: there’s a marked uptick in searches for Cardi B on the website at the same time as her single “Bodak Yellow” entered the top two of the U.S. Billboard Top 100 chart, and the searches have steadily grown from there. 

There’s a massive spike right around December 2017, when Cardi B and Offset pretended to have sex (fully clothed) on Instagram Live. In fact, that day was the highest the searches have ever been: there was a 1007 percent increase in searches for Cardi B on Pornhub on Dec. 28. In the next couple of days, “Cardi B Sex Tape” became a trending search on the website. 

The amount of searches tapered off within a month, but stayed relatively high, with noticeable surges around the time of the release of her Bruno Mars feature on “Finesse” and her pregnancy announcement on SNL

The most popular Cardi B searches are “Cardi B Sex Tape”, followed by “Cardi B stripper”, “Cardi B Sex”, Cardi B twerking” and “Cardi B look alike.” For the record, there is no known Cardi B sex tape out there, no matter how hard you search online. And if you want to see her twerk, you can just watch her excellent Coachella 2018 performance