In some ways, the internet has flattened the way we create and consume music, making local scenes less important than they once were. But as you travel around the country, you'll still find distinct localized sounds popping up in certain cities.

To celebrate this, Apple Music has unveiled a series of playlists called The New, which highlights emerging hip-hop and R&B artists from five different areas in America: New York, Chicago, Atlanta, the South, the Bay, and Los Angeles. Each playlist features 50 songs handpicked by Apple Music editors with the goal of accurately representing each area's local scene.

Apple plans to update the playlists regularly, and from the looks of it, they've been intentional about including a mix of recognizable names alongside brand new faces. For example, the Atlanta playlist features Young Thug and Migos next to up-and-comers like Grip and 6 Dogs.

The New playlists were introduced on the streaming platform today, and they're now available below.

The New New York 

The New Atlanta 

The New Bay

The New L.A.

The New South 

The New Chicago