50 Cent took a playful jab at ASAP Rocky on Instagram on Monday, poking fun at a picture snapped of the Harlem rapper during his appearance at the opening of the Gucci SoHo store in New York City. “I said get the strap, not get the bag smh HARLEM SHIT AGAIN. LOL,” 50 wrote alongside the photo. 

Rocky was more than willing to return fire, getting off multiple comebacks that even led to 50 calling for a truce. "Look, I don't want smoke with your community," 50 responds. "Can we just be cool, Harlem?" 

Their back-and-forth is a welcome sight given their previous interactions which includes a disagreement in 2015 when 50 called out Rocky after he started flirting with his ex-girlfriend who goes by the name Tatted Up Holly. The two haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but it looks like they can still crack jokes with one another without things getting out of hand. 

Speaing of Rocky, his upcoming album, which is tentatively titled Testing, should be arriving soon.