50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are at odds again over the singer and reality star Teairra Marí. Earlier this month, Marí announced that she’s suing 50 Cent for allegedly pairing up with her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad to leak nude photos and videos of her on Instagram.

Despite this legal dispute, Mayweather continued to promote his Memorial Day weekend event with Marí and fellow Love & Hip Hop stars Nikki Baby and Ayisha Diaz at his gentleman’s club in Las Vegas, Girl Collection. Apparently, booking Marí under the current circumstances struck a chord with 50, who wasted no time heading to Instagram to make his feelings known. “Some body please tell me why Floyd would be doing this right now?” he wrote in a post.

50 later shared screenshots of texts between him and Mayweather, where the two spar over different relationships. The famed boxer defends booking Marí by pointing to 50’s relationship with Shantel Jackson, Mayweather’s ex whom he sued last year for theft. 50 responded nonchalantly, arguing that Jackson and his baby mama Daphne Joy are still friends.

50 then posted another screenshot of the conversation where the rapper renews his age-old insult that Mayweather can’t read.

It’s unclear if the frenemies will be able to recover from this recent scuffle. Perhaps we’re entering a new era, à la 2014, of 50 trolling Mayweather on Instagram.