A factory worker for Kanye’s Yeezy shoes was reportedly badly injured on Friday when a heavy-duty machine fell on him. According to TMZ, the unidentified man severely hurt his hand, head, and leg at the Calabasas Tech Center which Kanye’s company calls home.

Though it’s yet unclear just how grievous the situation is, the dire 911 call resulted in the Adidas employee being airlifted to a nearby hospital. This comes a mere two weeks after news of Kanye facing a potential lawsuit involving the Yeezy trademark.

The emergency call that TMZ got a hold of is pretty tense, as the calm 911 responder asks the frantically concerned man on the other end just how bad things are, with him saying things like, “He’s screaming in pain and we can’t get the machine off of him.” An industrial “shoe machine” like this is usually big, heavy, and something you definitely don’t want on top of you. As the caller himself put it, “it’s bad."


As it stands, there isn’t much more information about the employee’s situation, or whether Yeezus himself is even aware of this unfortunate incident. Hopefully, the man recovers fully, rapidly, and Kanye can send him some well-wishes or a bonus—or both. This story is developing, so stay tuned for updates.