The Weeknd just released My Dear Melancholy, less than a month ago, but fans are already speculating that a new project is right around the corner.

On Sunday, he changed his Instagram bio to "we’re alone together," adding fuel to rumors that the six-song project My Dear Melancholy, was just the first part of a series of releases. We have to admit, "My Dear Melancholy, we're alone together" does have a beautiful ring to it.

This isn't the first time Abel wrote "we're alone together" on Instagram recently. Last week, he used the same phrase to caption a photo.

This is fueling wild speculation from some diehard fans that there is an elaborate three-project release strategy in place.

Some seem to believe that the next installment will arrive on May 9.

Of course, none of this is substantiated, and there's a chance it's all a coincidence—or maybe Abel is trolling us. His current Instagram story is, after all, a "Don't Believe His Lies" meme. Stay tuned.