For months, fans have been speculating whether or not Cardi B is pregnant. But they may be looking the wrong way, as another rap queen, Nicki Minaj, could be the one who's preggers.

Since December, Minaj has been noticeably absent from the public scene, including social media. Many thought that she was recovering from her rumored break-up with Nas, that happened before the two ever officially confirmed their relationship to the media. Back in February, a TMZ source relayed that she's been laying low to focus on new music for her next album.


Now, as new photos of Minaj waltzing through Los Angeles International Airport emerged—making it her first public appearance in months—fans couldn't help but notice a possible belly bump.

While Minaj is wearing a loose black shirt, at certain angles she appears to be sporting a bump. Of course, now spectators are thinking this could be the reason she's been MIA. The timeline works out as well considering that it's safest to fly at three to six months and Minaj has seemingly not flown for about three months. If it's true, it's likely to lead to another child of royalty since Nas could be the father. The baby would be Minaj's first and Nas' third.