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Rising artist Tyler Cole has shared the official music video for “Love at First Fight,” the latest single off his album We’re in Love & the World Is Ending.

The visual begins with the singer working out on the beach and in the gym, where he prepares for a boxing match against himself—a female version of himself. Tyler eventually steps into the ring with his coach Jaden Smith by his side. Tyler’s masculine and feminine side then proceed to exchange blows in a symbolic fight against gender norms.

“My video ‘Love at First Fight’ is a metaphor for the false dichotomy of masculinity and femininity,” the MSFTSrep member told Complex via email. “The masculine and feminine are generally looked at as two entirely opposing roles, but I want to challenge people to look beyond the stereotypes to see that men can be feminine, and women can be masculine. Opening minds can often be a fight.”

You can check out the “Love at First Fight” video above, and stream We’re in Love & the World Is Ending on Apple Music/iTunes.

Tyler is opening for Jaden’s North American Vision Tour. The trek includes upcoming stops in Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, as well as NYC, and will conclude May 10 in Atlanta.

He's also working on his next album and is gearing up to make his feature film directorial debut.

“[This all happened] just four months after I decided to load my guitar into my mom’s SUV, and drive myself across the country to play free shows in public parks,” Tyler said. “I want people reading this to know that it is possible to manifest even your most insane dreams into reality. I want to inspire them to create with no boundaries and to think for themselves in an era where individuality is slowly becoming more and more arbitrary.”