One week ago, Fabolous was arrested for allegedly hitting Love & Hip-Hop star Emily Bustamante, with whom the rapper has two children. Since then, disturbing reports have shown the extent of Fabolous’s alleged abuse, which includes punching his girlfriend seven times and knocking out two of her front teeth as well as violently threatening her family, including her father. Fabolous was booked on charges of domestic dispute and making a terroristic threat; he is now currently in jail and has been given a court date.

According to Bossip, Fabolous faces three to five years in state prison and a fine of up to $15,000 for the aggravated assault charge, if convicted.

The situation has predictably stoked plenty of social media chatter, and rapper The Game has had enough of it. The Game took to Instagram today to call out The Shade Room for a post they shared regarding the situation with Fabolous and Emily B.

In a comment, the Compton rapper lamented the fact that "another black family" was being "torn apart on social media." He also considered how the publicity around the situation would play out for the couple's two young sons. 

You can read The Game's comment in full below.

Another black family torn apart on social media… & look at everybody so happy to see them in shambles. Forget how this all plays out for their two young boys going forward or their daughter whose father figure was just plucked from the family picture by culture vultures. Sad to see what the internet does to people’s sense of reality. We’re all guilty & the world is dying all around us but we’re too self consumed to see it.

The Game’s sentiment was shared, at least in part, by Fab’s brother, Paul Cain. He also took to social media to comment on how much attention people are paying to the situation and to essentially tell people to mind their own business.

“For all y’all n*ggas on the internet wasn’t there, so you should really fall back,” Cain said. “You don’t know anything. The bloggers don’t know anything. They wasn’t there neither. Y’all reading something off the internet and really arguing on some shit like you know something. You wasn’t there, scrap. Mind your own fucking business.”