Just two weeks after he released his YG-assisted cut “4 Days,” Belly has returned to our pages with a new record called “Maintain.”

For this song, the Canadian artist joined forces with his XO labelmate Nav, who raps about the material perks that come with fame and money: “Stackin' up, countin' my blessings/Wedding bands ain't got no wedding,” the Perfect Timing artist raps over a hazy beat. “I just spent a cool 60 on my wristwear/Man, I want 10 plain Janes, wanna be like Ric Flair/My blood diamonds cost me blood and sweat and tears/Now my mind and all my stones are crystal clear.”

Though there are a lot more braggadocious lines throughout, Belly said the song is primarily about the joy of  overcoming hardships.

“We're all dealing with the same things on different levels,” he told Complex of the collaborative track. “This song is a celebration of making it through.”

You can listen to the song now on Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify below, or via YouTube up top.

“Maintain” is expected to land on Belly’s upcoming album, Midnight Zone—his first full-length release since the 2017 mixtape Mumble Rap

“I want it to be the perfect album. I'm just putting the pieces together, that's really all it is,” Belly told Billboard about the project, which is rumored to feature Jay Z. “[Hov] still works like he's broke. I think that's amazing. We've been in there late some nights. It's dope having him there and being involved with my album. He's taught me how to approach things differently and to take my words more seriously when I rap.”

Sounds like there's some heat on the way.