Kanye West trolled us all on Friday with his "Woopdity scoop, scoopity woop, woop-de scoop-de-poop" bars on "Lift Yourself." There was some promise hiding behind the lyrical nonsense, though. Kanye's sped-up soul sample of the 1973 song "Liberty" by Amnesty had its moments before things derailed.

Seattle producer Sango picked up on this and put a new spin on the song with "Lift Me Uptown (Sango Bounced It)" over the weekend. His version pulls the funky quality of the "Lift Yourself" beat to the surface and fills the song out with a danceable groove, while removing Kanye's antics. Somehow, he managed to turn this into a listenable song that you could play at the right party without anyone batting an eye.

Smokepurpp's "Scooby-dooby-ba-boo 'sskeetit" remix opened the door for all kinds of meme potential, but we wouldn't be mad at producers starting a trend of flipping "Lift Yourself" into legitimately enjoyable new versions. Hear Sango's "Lift Me Uptown (Sango Bounced It)" on SoundCloud below.

If you're digging it, read Complex's recent interview with Sango here and listen to his excellent new project In The Comfort Of below.