Rich Brian is not afraid to share his thoughts on 6ix9ine's antics.

In an interview on Big Boy's radio show, Brian rated XXL Freshman hopefuls by using fire and poop emojis. But when it came to 6ix9ine, he had no issue in giving him poop. 

"He just talks so much smack, it's dangerous," he said around the 4:10 mark. "It's not good for him in general. One day he's gonna get in some trouble."

He isn't wrong. 6ix9ine and his rainbow grill have drawn negative attention from hip-hop OG's for comparing himself to Tupac and allegedly faking his street credibility. Last month, the Game warned the 21-year-old to stop falsely claiming to be with Blood gang.

"If you don’t take that red rag off playing wit real niggas lives & get yo dick in the booty Carlton sweater around the neck wearin ass on somewhere & stop playing wit this blood shit before somebody hurt yo mamas only daughter," read his Instagram post. "You a nice guy, look at that smile...cut the tuff shit out before it’s too late."

On the other hand, Rich Brian gave fire emojis to Jaden Smith, Trippie Redd, and Lil Xan. Although Xan got a "little bit of poop," for calling Tupac "boring."

"I have very little thoughts on Lil Xan. I think his music is very unique," said Brian. "I think he's really a nice dude [...] even though he said Tupac is boring I'm gonna give him a chance."

Still better than Bhad Bhabie, who got straight poop.