Rackboy Cam isn't backing down. In late 2017, the New Jersey rapper dropped a PnB Rock and YFN Lucci diss song called "Fugazzi" from his Image is Everything 2 project. Now, he's taken things up a notch with a music video that features look-alikes of both PnB and Lucci. Needless to say, they're not portrayed in the best light.

The video arrives just a month after Rackboy took YFN Lucci to court with a lawsuit for allegedly copying his 2015 song "Everything Be Lit" and turning it into "Everyday We Lit" featuring PnB Rock in 2017.

Legal documents for the case point out that the hook from YFN's song is "Everyday we lit, everyday we lit, yeah" while Rackboy raps, "We lit, we lit, everything be lit." Paired with similar melodies on both tracks, closely tied lyrical themes, and nearly identical song titles, Rackboy claims that YFN's song is a rip-off of his own.

In a statement to Complex, a rep for Rackboy explained, "We have decided to pursue this action because previous discussions between Rackboy Cam and TIG to do what is right were unfruitful. We can’t allow the continued infringement of Cam’s rights. This is not about money, this case is about the principal of doing what is right and preserving the integrity of music."

You can watch the "Fugazzi" video above and continue for "Everything Be Lit" and "Everyday We Lit" below for a side-by-side comparison.