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Not satisfied topping the charts and taking celebrity all-star game MVP titles, Quavo is adding to his acting credits too.

The Migos rapper recently popped up on Fox's Empire spinoff Star, playing an alternate reality version of himself. (He pulled the same move in his one other acting credit, Atlanta.) He even gets into a little bit of an onscreen altercation during a tour photoshoot. After flirting with Alex Crane (played by Ryan Destiny), the faux girlfriend of label bad boy Noah Brooks (singer Luke James), Brooks throws a punch Quavo's way.

Check it out via Quavo's tweet:

Not to be outdone, the Migo pulls a gun (did that on Atlanta, too) on Brooks, prompting manager Carlotta (the legendary Queen Latifah) to step in. "Put the gun down. We all good," she says. It's a pretty tense scene that wouldn't seem that out of place in the real world, but thankfully very scripted.

Earlier in the episode, Quavo records a song with Destiny's character in the studio, which turned out to be their real-life promo single "Lifetime." Quavo also recently hopped on the Bebe Rexha song "2 Souls On Fire," taking more of a crooning approach to the country and rocked-tinged pop record. It works.