With so much going on musically, some producers can end up slipping through the cracks, especially if they end up taking extended sabbaticals. That said, it's dope to have Proper Villains back making tracks after being away from the game for a few years. While his first single back was much more club-oriented, the NYC-reppin' producer/DJ gets into a deeper, '90s-drenched hip-hop vibe with the Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based MC Cakes Da Killa on "Don't Make Cents."

Cakes, who's fresh off a collab with Madeaux, gets ferocious with his pen on this cut that feels like one for the fans of the Boot Camp Clik or any of the New York backpacker rap scene. It's a perfect banger for dark, hot nights spent on city stoops, blowing trees and downing Henny with the squad. It also highlights Proper's steelo; dude knows how to hype the club but also crafts these intense nightlife soundtracks for the mean muggers.

Be forewarned, though: there's a lot of whispering and growls in this, so if you're turning this up in your headphone while blowing said trees, stay focused. Stream the full track below.