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To mark the tenth anniversary of the iconic London label Night Slugsfounded by producers/DJs Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990comes "Rise Of The Wolves" by Uninamise, a Brooklyn-based DJ/producer known for his dancehall-inspired club music with dark, murky tones and atmospherics reminiscent of 1990s jungle. This track forms part of Allstars X, a compilation looking back at DJ sets and collating the crew's favourite dubs. Due to land on April 27, the compilation includes tracks from the likes of Cooly G and Altered Natives, archived specials, VIP versions and classics from Jam City, Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, Lil Silva and Hysterics, as well as new music from Sweyn Jupiter, Kelela and Girl Unit, among others.

This compilation will be followed up by another one called Night Slugs White Labels, which will present a selection from the thus far vinyl-only NSWL 12" series. This will go alongside a series of releases, international shows, and one-off events. Check out the tracklist for Allstars X below, as well as the exclusive listen of "Rise Of The Wolves", and if you like what you hear, then tickets are available for their event on April 14, at Corsica Studios, London, with performances from Bok, L Vis, Kingdom, Helix, Cooly G, Girl Unit, Manara, Kingdom and Sweyn Jupiter.


01. Asmara - Dhalsim Dub
02. Bok Bok - Silo Pass (Lil Silva Remix)
03. Dj J Heat X Neana - Love
04. Girl Unit Ft Kelela - Wywd (Remix)
05. Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter - Weather Report
06. Altered Natives - The Bitch
07. Kayy Drizz - Bang
08. Girl Unit - Double Chop
09. Fiedel - Doors To Manual
10. Hysterics - Htrx7
11. Uninamise - Rise Of The Wolves
12. Girl Unit X Sweyn J - Slime Twins
13. Helix - Hmu Joe
14. Cooly G - Digitally Higher